FF and Competition

I have been looking at other Virtual racing,etc. sites and none of them are even a distance second to FF.Great job Ladies.

I second this statement. It was funny, I was trying to explain to my parents exactly how the game works and why I like it so much, and they were absolutely stunned by the amount of time and effort that goes into FF, and how realistic it is. You guys do a fantastic job.

Wildwood Stables

I completely agree with the above statements.

I have never played such a wonderful game. I have also never come across a game that is so automated, yet has such a sense of community at the same time. The people here are wonderful, and the game itself is second-to-none. While the game is so wonderfully automated through the database, it still takes quite a bit of strategy and skill to play.

Good job, Shanthi and Andrea! Keep up the wonderful work that you do, and always remember that we appreciate everything you do for us and the game!

Thanks, guys. :slight_smile:

I have to totally agree with everyone, this is a wonderful game!

when i was introduced to FF by Edea, i was like “It’s in real time?” and i was slightly confused because all other games are in faster time were a week or a month are a year. After my first week i became so hooked on FF that i visit the site everyday, or i try to when I’m able, and I’m also hooked because i can’t wait for my yearling to be able to race I think the most fun in this game is the waiting for every thing to happen! It’s so fun ^^;