Extra Entries?

Given that FF consistently

has to enter horses to fill races, I was thinking?how would ?extra? entries sound on the last

day of entries?

So, for Saturday races, on Thursday (which is the last 24 hours of open

entries), you would be able to enter up to 2 extra horses in any

race, even if you already have horses in that race (so you?d have up to 3 2yos in a race, or

4 3yo+).

I want to limit this to the last day so that everyone has a good chance to get

their normal entries in, but I would also like to not overrace FF horses (which is what is

happening now to fill races).

Would this help anyone at all, or is it more a question of

not having horses for the races (or enough rest for the horse, etc.)?

I like the idea! There have

been a few times where I wanted to enter 3 or 4 of my horses in the same race but couldn’t


LOVE THE IDEA! :smiley:

sounds beautiful!


I like that idea too! There

have been a few times where I wanted to put some extra horses in races.

Sounds awesome to me! Then

maybe all my 2 y/o colts will get at least one race in this year. lol

I LOVE the idea! There have

been many times when a race has been perfect for more than 2 of my horses!
When will this


Awesome Idea. especially the

2 year old races

This will either start for

Wed’s races (unlikely, given my usual work week), or Saturday’s.

This should now be setup.

:slight_smile: Enjoy!