English racing

Hello All

Well it’s the most exciting time of year for racing in England.

Went to the Grand National 2 weeks ago, probably the best steeplechase race in the world , ended up down on the day , but waht an occasion!!

It’s the 1000 & 2000 Guineas in a couple of weeks , can’t wait.

Then on the 1st June it’s the Oaks at Epsom, I’ll be there , it’s a relatively crowd free day for a classic race.
Then on the 2nd of June it’s Deby Day , always go , what a day , free to get in on the course , except for the stands , approximately 150000 people.


Dege Destroyers

WOAHS I heard about this… But I’ve never been out of the US X_x SO… I won’t be there… But hopefully I’ll get to catch some on t.v…

Hope you have fun, Paul! :smiley: Let us know about your experience at the races this time around, won’t you?


I sure will.

I am always interested in racing in America aswell , the only coverage I really get to see is the Breeders Cup over here.


Dege Destroyers