When I looked today my horse, Forged in Flame, had F energy, he had C the last time I checked and I haven’t worked him out since 2/05 and his last race was 1/27, I don’t know if anything can be done, but it just seemed a little random that he’d have F today, I wouldn’t of entered him in another race if his energy hadn’t been up.

Any help/answer would be great

Thanks! :smiley:

As it says on the pages, energy/fitness displays have random error.  This means their values can change.

Not doing things to your horse (workouts/racing) WILL raise their energy.  Thanks to the random error for the display, it may not look like it’s happening.

That’s not a real unusual fluctuation. I check levels everytime I come here. It gives me a better idea of where they truly are. If the horse is entered for Wednesday’s races check as late as you can Monday if you don’t like the levels scratch the horse :wink: You have to develop a “feel” for each horse just as in RL.

Along a similiar line, as many may know I’m trying to get my horse Strider his last few points for WCh. status before retirement. On Feb 3rd I entered him in a long distance (over 15f) allowance to get some fitness for some upcoming stakes(which he won easily btw for those of you with mares :wink: ) but since that race on the 3rd he’s been on F energy. It may be his age finally kicking in, he’s 6 now, but he’s always been a horse that bounces back from races amazingly fast-ready to go again at A/B energy in 7-10 days. As I said this may be due to his age, the new code taking a more realistic amount of energy from horses etc. but either way i was thinking of sending him to the farm to hopefully recuperrate a little faster in the hope we can get those last 20-30pts a little faster and get him in the breeding shed sooner.  Since he’s in Aqueduct now, would shipping him all the way to CA with F energy take too much of a toll(cause negative energy) and just make energy recovery take even longer?

If anybody who has more shipping experience than I do(which is most people) has any input, please feel free!! (I’m not sure whether to leave him in Aqueduct, ship him to his next planned race now or after he reaches C energy or ship him home…)

Horses do regain energy at a slightly faster rate when at the farm.  However, as you pointed out, shipping him 3,000 miles just to get his energy up to race again is counterproductive…if you planned to give him a couple of months off, that’d be one thing, but if you’re just going to wait for his energy to go up and then ship him somewhere else (presumably also far away from your farm), I’d leave him at Aqueduct.

Ah ok, that’s what I thought, thanks Shanthi!

Ooh Ok, I’ve just never experienced such a drop with any of my horses that randomly haha oh well I’ll learn :slight_smile: thankks

I have a 4 yr old colt that raced 17 days ago and his energy is still at F.I moved him back to the farm and so far that hasn’t helped.It seems an inordinate amount of time for some energy recovery.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Mat, that happened to a couple of my ponies.  The race probably took A LOT out of him, so he’s way down on the energy and may need as much as a month or so to recover.  The ponies of mine it happened to were also 4yos, and it is a bit frustrating, but there’s not much you can do about it. 

Also, if he wasn’t fit to begin with, it’ll take him longer to recover.

After reading this I realized that my horses are completely strange. I raced Coleryan a while back and on race day his energy was an F and his fitness was a A. I raced Gin Mol and the same thing happened and he won. I raced Darby Doll and she came in fourth. All of my horses have F and fitness of A. I give them a while off to rest and they stay at F’s. But they seem to be doing fine. Why is that? Is the machine just being wierd or is it because that is truly what they are at?

There’s a window of error on the script (I think the most it’d be off is 2 “levels” so might say A and really it’s C or vice versa), but if your horse says F you’re best off to treat it like a real “F”.  Horses can go into negative energy levels, so if you raced an unfit horse in a difficult race, you may be looking at a significant recovery time, especially if there was shipping involved as well.

Are the F.F. horses subjected to the same shipping energy and fitness losses as the rest of our horses?

FF-owned horses do lose energy from racing, but not from shipping (because FF enters the day before the race, horses have no time to be shipped so they automatically poof to their race locations).