Energy Question

Well, I have both of my racehorses up for the races today, but they each have C energy… and it makes me nervous. I’ve tried to stick to racing at energy B and A, but I thought they’d be fine by now. I couldn’t get on until today, much to my dismay, so I could check on their fitness and energy. Now, some of the handicappers have faith in my horses, and I’d like to run the races, so I don’t know if I want to scratch because I’m overprotective. So, is C a good minimum to stay at when racing? Should I not be paranoid of injuries? (I think I am.  :stuck_out_tongue:)

Added question that’s completely irrelevant: Are the names Kissthisgoodbye and Kiss Me Goodbye too close? (I’m leaning towards yes)

Those figures are not exact. Running your horses with C energy with normal rest should not be a problem :wink:

Nuuuu! -hits self repeatedly- #%&#( I accidentally hit scratch. I was going to stay in too…  >:(

Rawr… sorry to the handicapper that said Tolateyouloose will win…

I guess I can wait until next meet. Oh, that makes me angry.

Well, I’ll keep Unabridged in the races. So, thanks for your input Cheq. Sorry I had a fit.  ::)

The code has enough random chance in it that a horse with A energy will show up as a C if it randomly flunks.  I’ve had horses wiggle their way out of racing for like 2 months because I just sort by energy and then enter the A horses and the lazy buggers just “magically” never recover their energy.

Heh.  :wink:  Yeah, and plus Unabridged didn’t do so good so maybe I’m not giving him enough rest in between races.

Tolateyouloose seems to “magically” so get his energy back for months, too!  :stuck_out_tongue: