Double entered

Just wanted to give either Shanthi or Andrea a heads up…was handicapping for the 21st and I found that Final Salute is entered twice in races #4 and 19. :wink:

Apparently the code that gave you an error for entering a horse in 2 races on the same day was slightly broken…it’s fixed now.

Remedy, please post here with what race you want her in, otherwise I’ll scratch her from race #4, as it has the smaller entry fee.

Remedy Ranch: Please be careful about your entries. This is the second race meet in a row you’ve double entered in. Also, you might want to consider giving your horse at least a week off between races as she needs time to rest between efforts.

I just bought Final Salute, but she doesn’t show up on the trainer summary. She shows up when it lists all the horses in my stable.

Classic Stable

Nevermind :astonished:ops: