Coming out of it

My horse raced today and did not so well. But I noticed that his energy and fitness was the same as before todays race (energy:B and fitness:A). So is there a problem or did the race really have no effect on him? If it is the later is it safe to race him in like the next race?

All horses should have an F energy rating after a race.

Okay its an F now. Thanks.

Does anybody have any ideas on how I should run my horse Coast to Coast?

Here is his GOT
Breaks sharp, on a good day.
This horse runs well with the field.
This horse needs a crop, but runs well.
This horse got confused, and thought he was a Quarter Horse.
Are you sure this horse doesn’t get PMS?
This horse trips over cross-rails. Avoid the fences with this one.
This horse runs like a sprinter, but it’s hard to say.
This horse doesn’t have much heart for racing.
Remember to ask nicely–please and thank you. This horse might surprise you and actually listen then.
This dimwit thinks the rear end of a chestnut means stop.

I have run him in a 7f Dirt Maiden for 2yos where I had him running in wraps and blinders. He got 10th of 14.

And a 6f Dirt Maiden for 2yos where he wore nothing. He got 8 of 10.

I was planning on trying him in a short distance (again) on turf. Any suggestions?

Hey Roo,
Couple suggestions for you from newbie ole me. From his GoT, it looks like he’s a sprinter, so try keeping him in short races. Also, seems like he might get easily distracted, so try the blinkers again. If he keeps running bad, maybe look into gelding him? (Can you geld a racing stallion, btw?) or just retire him and look into investing in another horse.
Hope my 2 cents helps. :smiley:

I wouldn’t Geld him just yet, remember, he’s a two year old, most of them have no idea what they are doing and are very fickle about racing. Just keep playing with equipment and distances. :wink:

Okay thanks you two! Anyone else?

Basically all you can do at this point is try different equipment and try him on turf and dirt and see which he prefers.

Gelding is an option and if you aren’t obsessed with having a breeding stallion then it’s not a bad suggestion.

Other than fooling around with options, the only other thing you can do is wait. Most/lots of 2yos don’t mature until 3 and some don’t mature until 4 or 5! (though that’s fairly unusual)