Can't enter horses into races

I can’t seem to enter two horses (both 2YOs) into races
One is a leasee: Front Page News who I was considering putting in the  Racing Post Trophy (Grade 1)
The other is one of my own fillies: Unbridled Run, aimed at the 7.5 furlongs NW2 Allowance for 2yo F (Dirt) in Woodbine
both races are on the 29th but neither do the horses appear on other races’ entry lists closer to now.

ETA: Neither can I enter 3yo  The One in Front in any races

Front Page News and Unbridled Run are transit to Belmont.  You can’t enter horses when they’re in transit.  Once they arrive at Belmont, you should be able to ship Front Page News to England and Unbridled Run to Woodbine.

Not sure what’s going on with The One in Front. She’s currently at home, but she should appear on the drop down list when you go to enter races.  Read through the ENTIRE list. She should be there.

For me, if a horse is at home, they can’t be entered in a race/trained. You have to ship them to a track.

Now I can’t enter Reafen in any races. I bought him yesturday and he’s at Aqueduct so I don’t know what’s up

What error do you get? I see him in the list for race #41 on July 13 that he qualifies for.