Can't Enter Horse?

When I click on race 45, Belmont 8 furlongs Stakes for 3yo (Dirt) – Jerome Stakes (Grade 2) on September 12 to enter my horse, Unabridged (, his name doesn’t show up on the list to enter him. He is in Belmont right now, so it’s not a shipping issue…

Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question.

Key in the race is 3yo dirt, Unabridged was born in 2007 (its now 2011) which makes him a 4yo :wink: So he’s just a little bit too old to be racing with the young guns. I do it all the time, so it happens to everyone  ;D


Whenever I come up with a “weird” thing like that (a horse I’m sure qualifies for a race), I find it helps to check the Upcoming Races option on the horse’s page…if the race shows up there, I at least know the horse should be able to enter the race if he can make it to the track.

Oh, wow. I thought I saw a plus after that ‘3yo’. Maybe I need glasses.  ::slight_smile:

Hrmm. I haven’t looked at that Upcoming Races link before. Useful!

Thanks for your time!