Bye Bye GOT?

I’ve been contemplating doing away with GOTs once we get the revamp (and associated training/workouts) setup.

The main incentive for this is realism…in real life you’d only be able to watch the race/workout to try and figure out how your horse would run.

Alternately, GOTs could be made visible post-racing, so that you can see at-a-glance what the horse’s racing preferences are (assuming the GOT is right, of course :wink:) when planning what to do for breeding.

Thoughts? Opinions? (I’m obviously biased since 1) it’s my idea :wink: 2) I rarely ever look at GOTs 3) it’d save me time/coding to not have to deal with them at all)

I certainly can live without them. It would lend to the realism, and this is from a guy who prefers less realism and faster gratification :twisted: :lol:

Heck we do it in Color Wars :wink:

Aww… but I like the GOTs. They amuse me.

Plus, maybe WR has corrupted me. I know not. Off to class.

I voted for keeping them. Even though they can be wrong, I think they’re an important guide. Plus, in real life you would have a trainer who could tell you all of that stuff during training and therefore that validates the GOTs realism. :slight_smile:

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The only other thing I can think of [I love the little bit of guidence you see] is if after the training sessions, we get a full GOT-like run down/report from the trainer. Obviously with different types of training this will be different though. Could that work?

I just don’t want all help abolished… With the new code and other new factors, it will be hard enough working things out already! :shock: :roll: :?

I already said in the features thread that there would be feedback post training/workout.

Man you surprise me Jase. If anything I thought our opinions would be reversed :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Posted in another thread.

The GOT’s might be easier to keep than doing that though.

Your up late Jase :wink:

Nope, I’m on early, 6:45am in New Zealand at the moment [not in Australia at the moment either you see :wink:]. Just checking for results before I drive into uni to continue typing evil 25,000 word assignment. :slight_smile:

Um, I’m totally for the abolition of GOTs if we have some kind of training report that gives us similar information. Obvisouly with the types of training on offer differing, some reports will have aspects the others don’t. That way it should encompass all/more of the information we get from GOTs.

My stance is fairly detailed/similar to GOTs training/race reports from trainer/jockey plus abolition of regular GOTs. :smiley:

I’m for ditching the GOTs as well. I never look at them because with the random error it’s not worth trusting them over experimentation. If I can decide for myself the same info within 6 months of workouts, then I’d rather do that.

The one thing that might be nice is to have an option to try a horse over fences before swapping to SC in the training options. Since that’s something that I do typically use the GOT for. But the GOTs were set up for a very antiquated racing system and I think we’re ready to give up that last little tie to Stretch Drive.

I agree Andrea with ditching the ties to Strtch Drive. But, we do need something for the new code too.

Jase, how many times do I need to tell you that there will be “something new”. :stuck_out_tongue: (In fact, I’ve been working for over 3 months on a lot of “something new”)

What I can do for training is allow you to train over a single fence, or a small number of fences…not exactly enough to get in a “workout” and improve the horse’s fitness or confidence, but enough to see whether the horse will fall down and die at the first fence or not. :wink:

You said that already, Jase :wink: We haven’t forgotten it yet and Shanthi just said that there’d be training updates after each training session. You can c/p those into your nice fancy excel file or whatever and have more accurate training reports that reflect your training :wink:

I read throught the GOT, but don’t trust them enough to use any of the info. provided. So, I would have no problem with deleting the GOT. Although, as Cricket previously stated, it is kinda fun to read them.

I voted get rid of completely. I never use the GOTs, and they’re just annoying in my opinion :wink:

With a training summary and a way to gage a horse for SC I see no reason for a GOT :wink: I think this was discussed somewhere else, but when to you start training? I would think sometime as a yearling he would get minimal training. I don’t think 2yo’s start racing without ever experiencing a starting gate :wink:

Yes, that’s all discussed in the giant list of Training & Workout Information.

Depending on what I come up with there may be training for yearlings, but I don’t really see the point. Yearlings basically learn to carry tack, lunge, carry a rider, and lunge with a rider. And then they get tossed out in a field for six months to finish growing up. That sounds pretty boring to train, let alone setup code for training. :wink:

I suppose as an alternate to having the GOT appear for breeding purposes (which, with training giving you a “live GOT”, so to speak, would probably be the only time you’d need a non-dynamic GOT), you could get by with a list of statistics for the horse’s racing career.

i.e. (All numbers hypothetical & made up, don’t try and “check the math”, 'cause there is none :wink:)
Number of races: 10
Number of races against the same age group: 5
Number of races against younger/older horses: 5
Number of races against mares: 0
Number of open gender races: 10

Number of horses beaten (average per race): 54 (7.1)
Number of horses beaten by (average per race): 15 (1.9)

Number of dirt starts: 8
Number of turf starts: 1
Number of SC starts: 1

Number of races run on the lead (wins): 0 (0)
Number of races run off the pace (wins): 2 (0)
Number of races run midpack (wins): 6 (2)
Number of races run closing (wins): 2 (1)


Ah… It’s all clear now… :wink:

And yes, I will probably keep some kind of file with each little spit out post-race and post-training. That would be way better than GOT actually because it would change and develope as the horse matures/becomes retarded. :slight_smile: I guess then you could figure out what aspects become most common and presto, there’s your more defined/semi-more accurate GOT. :smiley:

That sounds like a cool idea with the breeding Shanthi. :slight_smile:

yeah… It certainly won’t hurt me if we ditch the GOTS… I’m to the point where I don’t look at them anyway really… They seem to be more wrong for me than right… and I usually can tell by a horse’s family if they like jumps or not…etc…

Most of those stats are already calc’d (well, sort of). We’d just need to add in an “age group” breakdown (so 2yo races, 3yo races, 3yo+, 4yo+), # F/M races (for mares only I’d imagine), I like the average size of races/avg # beaten/avg # beaten by. That helps see at a glance if a horse is 3-0-0-1-1 because it raced twice in 4 horse fields :wink:.

So, semi-officially swapping GOTs to Race Career Stats on viewhorse page?

Sounds good Andrea. That will be very cool.