Broke $1,000,000 in purse earnings

    Well it took a year an a half but I finally broke the 1 million dollar in purse earnings level.  ;D As with most forays into horse racing it cost more of my money than what the horses earned.  :'( But that’s the way it goes in racing!!!
    For the most part it’s been a total Stable effort but in the last 3 months an older Turf Mare (Runfortheborder) and 2 yr old filly (Secret Signal) have done more than there fair share of contributing to the total bottom line. Runfortheborder(Stakes Winner, Stakes Placed) has started 7 times with a win and a second and Secret Signal(Stakes Winner, Stakes Placed) has started 6 times with 4 wins and 2 seconds. If I can ever get Signals fitness off of “F” she might become a monster that could handle the boys!!!
    One of the things I’ve learned in life is that there are 2 things that will make liars out of you… Your kids and horses…  :stuck_out_tongue: Hopefully I dodge this bullet!!!

Congrats!! Hope my stable will get on track like that!!!

Congrats! That first mil is a big milestone ;D

Well done!  8)
It’s a nice feeling to know you won’t go broke if you buy a horse or enter  a big race and it dosn’t work out. Here’s to the next one!

Awesome!  It must feel so good to have that!
And I have noticed that some of what used to be ‘lesser’ horses are raking in the most cash at my barn too, it must be something in the air ;D

Congrats! I bet it’ll be just your first step in even bigger things to come!!!

thats what happened to me last year. i had an older stallion and older gelding and a 2yo filly (random generated) that took me past the million mark, then its just the adding up of the smaller consistant racers that get you higher, granted i still have a fairly small stable compared to most that have been on a couple of years, but im happy with what they are doing and how its growing and cannot wait til my first foals hit the track. congrats on your milestone i know it really feels awesome to get there!!!

That’s Awesome… I know last year I had a couple of 2 y/o’s that were MSW… they pushed me to 1.4 mil for last year… it was an awesome feeling… I’m with you Grace… I can’t wait till my first home breds hit the track in 2013… all three of them, LOL…

Congrats on reaching your first million… and hoping you hit that mark many times over in the future…

Great job.If I ever get the energy thing figured out I may try to emulate you.
Mat  :slight_smile:

Good job Smylie!