Breeders' Stakes Series Qualifiers

I was just wondering approximately when the list of qualifiers will be available for the Breeders’ Stakes Series?

The list is done, but nominations don’t close until Monday, so the list will be posted on Tuesday.

Looking at the list, it’s pretty sad (only 5 qualified 2yo fillies for the Turf series).

Therefore, I’m nominating all FF-bred horses to the Breeders’ Series, at least for this year. That should help boost the number of qualified horses.

Shanthi…I was looking at the stakes race schedule, and noticed that both the Highland Sorceress and Highland Raven Breeders’ Stakes are apparently in the database as open races, not F&M.

(Along similar lines, the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is, for some reason, in as a dirt race…is this deliberate?)

I fixed the Highland Sorceress/Highland Raven stakes yesterday.

The Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe should be a turf race, and is now in the database as such.


I think Shanthi originally changed some turf races to dirt races because with including international racing, there would have been a pretty big imbalance. Some of the Australian ones are the same. :slight_smile:

Breeders’ Series Qualification List

Only horses on this list will be eligible to enter any Breeders’ Series race (use the schedule search to search for “Breeders’ Stakes” in Nov/Dec and it’ll pull up the 42 races in question).

Only 2/3 entries per stable, as usual. (The 2nd/3rd entry may only be entered on the final day entries are open, same as always)

Note: This list is dynamic…this means that your horse may qualify for one race but not another.

Any breeder that breeds any one horse who sweeps any one triple will get a supplemental bonus of $500,000 (per horse, of course, so if you happen to breed 14 horses who somehow sweep all 14 triples…well, you’ll be sitting pretty :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:).

The stable that breeds the horses that win the most points in the Breeders’ Series will get a supplemental bonus of $1,000,000.

Oh, and it goes without saying (I hope) that Final Furlong is exempt from winning the series. (Though, having spend $2.14 million to nominate all those foals to the series, I will probably give FF the $500,000 if any horse(s) it bred win(s) (a) triple(s) :wink:)

Just as a reminder: If I have to scratch your horse because you didn’t bother to verify that it qualifies before you enter the race, you will not be notified, and you will not get your entry fee back.

And another reminder: This list is dynamic. That means that, while you may qualify for race 1 of a series, if your horse tanks and another horse happens to do well, your horse may not appear on the qualifying list for the next race in the series. That’s the way it goes - deal with it.

2yo: Mistico Cigano, Mistico Cigano, Sterling
2yo Fillies: Wouldn’tyouknowit, Priceless, Priceless
3yo: Strike It Rich, Dare To Question, Count Me In
3yo Fillies: Can’t Catch Me, Brilliant Gold, All For Slew
4yo+: Fleet Pride, Crystal Rainbow, Medieval Time
4yo+ Mares: Eyes Open, Five Bells, Get The Point

2yo: All Jazzed Up, All Jazzed Up, Pitch Black
2yo Fillies: Honey Baby, Crowned, Crowned
3yo: Chivalry, Chivalry, Medal of Honor
3yo Fillies: Arda, Arda, Life After Love
4yo+: Rainbow Time, Deo Volente, Ring of Fire
4yo+ Mares: Hollywood Mystery, Amazon, Pleasure Cruise

3yo+: Worth The Risk, Sign of the Times, Highland Desperado
3yo+ Fillies/Mares: Eternal Lady, Studly Lady, Jazz’ed

Final Points Breakdown
Priceless 105
All Jazzed Up 94
Arda 84
Crowned 84
Mistico Cigano 84
Fleet Pride 73
Eyes Open 70
Crystal Rainbow 63
Eternal Lady 63
Studly Lady 63
Medieval Time 62
Sign of the Times 59
Amazon 52
Brilliant Gold 52
Five Bells 52
Honey Baby 52
Can’t Catch Me 49
Get The Point 49
Pitch Black 49
Sterling 49
Wouldn’tyouknowit 49
All For Slew 42
Chivalry 42
Dare To Question 42
Deo Volente 42
Gunningdownromance 42
Highland Desperado 42
Hollywood Mystery 42
Jazz’ed 42
Life After Love 42
Medal of Honor 42
Pleasure Cruise 42
Rainbow Time 42
Raindrops on Roses 42
Ring of Fire 42
Smokin’ 42
Strike It Rich 42
Worth The Risk 42
Simply Spectacular 38
Fingerprints 31
Hollywood Magic 31
Imperium 31
Miracle in Black 31
Out of Tune 31
Rum Runner 31
Oscuro Arco Iris 28
ShezaWildDevil 28
Titian 28
Worthy Valentine 27
Alaskan Wildcat 21
Banner Raised 21
Battleship 21
Count Me In 21
Domestic Dispute 21
Foolhardy 21
Gone to Dust 21
Journey On 21
Meadowlake Express 21
Seeing Is Believing 21
Striking Beauty 21
Surfer Dude 21
Take Me To Hollywood 21
Three of Crowns 21
Vagabond 21
Western Star 21
What’s Your Dream 21
Worthy Sage 21
Fanfare 20
Easy Image 17
Finest Melody 17
Spectacular Queen 17
Strike Your Fancy 17
All The Way 14
Acaldymond 10
Black Magick 10
Bright Gold 10
Carnegie Cat 10
Crucible 10
Gilded Affair 10
Gold Fever 10
Mission Bay 10
Queen 10
Robin Hood 10
Spell Breaker 10
Universal 10
Up to Heaven 10
A.P. Diamond 7
Athens 7
Dixie Double 7
Doc Hollywood 7
Here’s Hoping 7
Highland Freedom 7
King David 7
Jazz Singer 7
Lady Admiral 7
National Post 7
Pointed Remark 7
Redwood Dream 7
Seattle’s Hope 7
Shadow Steele 7
Vicinerox 7
Void 7
Wild Bidder 7
Witness 7
Your Justice 7

Stillwater Farms 823
Clover Springs Stables 299
Cascade Stables 265
Storybook Farms 202
KindleHope 84
Edgewood Stud 27

For the record: I am an idiot. Cannot read instructions.

Will commence scratching ASAP. =)

Final results/standings are above. :slight_smile:

Congrats to everyone who participated!


That’s amazing, you totally trumped everyone else in points!