Breeders series runners

I was looking to see if there was a thread yet, do we announce if our qualified horse/horses will be in their BS races?
[color=blue]Whatsinaname ill be running in the 2yo turf if I can afford it. :slight_smile:

Breeders Series stakes are mostly priced like regular stakes races. So, no crazy entry fees. =)

Cool then he will run he’s #6

I will be sending:

2yo Dirt
Damon Bradley

2yo Turf
Indy’s Flight

2yo Fillies Dirt
Gift of Gold
Can’t Fool Me

2yo Fillies Turf
Test of Faith

3yo Dirt
Usain Bolt
One of a Kind

3yo Fillies Dirt

3yo Fillies Turf

4yo+ Mares Dirt
Inner Light

4yo+ Turf
Lord Nelson

4yo+ Mares Turf
Fairy Cat
Brightest Light

SC Mares
Morgan le Fay

I encourage the owners of these Stillwater-breds to enter :wink:

2yo Fillies Dirt
Laird’s Own (Cricket Hill)
Fiery Foxx (Cricket HIll)

2yo Fillies Turf
Fiery Foxx (Cricket HIll)

3yo Fillies Dirt
Bandit’s Love (Cricket Hill)
Gotta Be Royal (Vaucluse)

3yo Fillies Turf
Gotta Be Royal (Vaucluse)
Ring of Smoke (Cricket Hill)

4yo+ Dirt
Silver Cross (Hello Starling)
Hollywood Mogul (Renegade Racing)

4yo+ Turf
Changeling (Marshall Creek)

4yo+ Mares Turf
Celtic Cross (Cricket Hill)

SC Mares
Swan Song (Cricket Hill)
Golden Aura (Vaucluse)

Here is my maybes, assuming they are all rested up and raring to go!

2yo Turf
Turnpike Wannabe (ICh. Candidate)
Face The Fire (WCh. I’m Your Angel)

3yo Dirt
Ch. Angelius (Wch. I’m Your Angel) - We’ll see how he does in an upcoming stakes first…

3yo Turf
GCh. Run Jenny Run (ICh. Whats Your Point)
Ch. Lumberjack (WCh. I’m Your Angel)

Ch. Fruitloop (Easy Goer) - We’ll see about him, he won his last start but he hasn’t run in stakes all year…

2yo Filly Dirt
Blowing Kisses (ICh. Whats Your Point) - We’ll run her in the shorter distances

3yo Fillies Turf
Ch. Anglesite (WCh. I’m Your Angel)
Ch. Solo Sunset (War Chant)

Fillies/Mares Steeplechase
Ch. Uncanny Yodel (WCh. Highland Bandit)

Provided he stays fit and well, Quarren will run in the 3yo turf series.

Starfish Stables qualified horses and current running plans (subject to injuries, fitness, etc):-

2yo Dirt:-
[color=blue]Glorious Victory (Ranked 4th) - Will run.

2yo Fillies Dirt:-
[color=red]Saucy Magician b[/b] - Will run if two or more higher ranked horses drop out.

2yo Turf:- None eligible.

2yo Fillies Turf:- None eligible.

3yo Dirt:-
[color=blue]Casting Couch b[/b] - Will run if one or more higher ranked horses drop out.

3yo Fillies Dirt:-
[color=red]Dark Topaz b[/b] - Will run.

3yo Turf:-
[color=blue]First Born Son b[/b] - Will run.
[color=blue]Worthy Victor b[/b] - Will run.
[color=blue]Pointed Question b[/b] - Will run.

3yo Fillies Turf:-
[color=red]Hi Honey b[/b] - Will run.
[color=red]Boundless Train b[/b] - Will run.

4yo+ Dirt:-
[color=blue]Take Flight b[/b] - Will run in the 4yo+ Turf instead.

4yo+ Mares Dirt:-
[color=red]Play My Game b[/b] - Will run in the 4yo+ Mares Turf instead, if qualified.

4yo+ Turf:-
[color=blue]Lucky Streak (1st) - Will NOT run.
[color=blue]Take Flight b[/b] - Will run.

4yo+ Mares Turf:-
[color=red]Play My Game b[/b] - Will run if one or more higher ranked horses drop out.
[color=red]Finally b[/b] - Will run if three or more higher ranked horses drop out.

Steeplechase:- None eligible.

Fillies/Mares Steeplechase:- None eligible.

If I recall correctly, BS entries are limited to 2 per race–just like normal races. So choose carefully!

Shanthi - Is this correct and, if so, does that also apply on the last day for entries, if there are spaces left?

Breeders’ Series races work exactly the way all other races work. The only races that allow extra entries are the Breeders’ Cup.

It is a Breeders Series, not an Owners Series - part of the point is to breed really nice horses (who can qualify) and then sell them to other people (so they can all race). :stuck_out_tongue:

OK. Well, two out of the three will definitely run in the 3YO Turf races, which two will be decided closer to the races.

I see the point but I’m not good at sharing my babies lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Of mine only one is qualified, 2yo filly [color=red]She’s Outlawed bred by Vaucluse Farms, and she’s 3rd so she will most probably run.

Me neither! :wink: This year is probably my best year as far as spreading out the pony love goes, and it’s mainly centered on one stable. :wink: At least I’m getting a little better.

Lol I’m getting better ive sold a couple! I find it hard to share too!

As [color=blue]Pointed Question is not bred by us whereas the other two are, he will most likely be the one left out.

Bah. :stuck_out_tongue:

You better run that filly!

Mines bred by Jason too, the only one qualified nd for both 2yo surfaces