Breeders' Cup Entries - Follow the rules...

Hi all

Are we monitoring the qualifying list for the BC? I’ve noticed there are one or two owners entering horses that are not on the qualifying list either as an outright or an alternate. Eg. Exquisite owned by Starfish does not appear on the list for the BC Turf Distaff, yet she is entered.

To be honest, even if you can enter your horse, if he/she isn’t qualified, he/she shouldn’t run.

Further, it seems people are not taking note of the rule: “Horses in italics are alternates and are not eligible to enter unless another qualified horse is not entered, or the final day of entries arrives.”

I just entered a filly into the BC Juvenile Fillies who was ranked 6th on the order of qualification, yet she was the 13th entry and there are a number of other horses already entered into the race which shouldn’t be if the owners had stuck to the rule - would have been rather irritated if I’d gone to enter and there were already 14 in the race.

I just noticed my horse, Fruitloop, is an alternate in the SC Sprint. I’m swear that last time I looked, he wasn’t an alternate so there must have been some late nominations. If I need to scratch and re-enter, let me know. Sorry!

When I entered Exquisite in the Filly & Mare Turf, she was ranked 20th. One thing that I have noticed in the past is that if there are a number of horses tied with the same number of points, the order that they are ranked changes constantly. I have checked the rankings just now and she is again ranked 20th (actually tied 18th with at least two other horses). As there are 4 horses ranked higher than her who are physically entered in other BC races and another horse, also ranked above her, that is a definite non-entrant (I know this because we own her and she is injured), I believe that Exquisite is a valid entrant.

Equestriana - I don’t think you need to worry about Fruitloop. Although he is only ranked 16th and is strictly an alternate, three horses ranked higher than he is are actually entered to run in other races.

Fact is, it says don’t enter until the last day… Some horses aren’t  on any list when I checked.

One of my horses? I supplemented them weeks ago and they have been on the list since…

I was talking about a starfish horse sorry Kim.

As it was, there were only 9 other runners in the race so Exquisite didn’t keep anybody else out. The fact is that when I went to do my final entries, she showed up as one of the horses I could enter in the race, so I did. If I had thought that there was a chance that by entering her when I did (Tuesday) she would have been keeping out a horse ranked higher than she was, I would have waited until Thursday, however, as I said the other day, there were enough horses ranked higher than her who were already entered in other races, so I knew she would be OK as an alternate.  Besides, she finished last so I could have saved myself the entry fee.

This is mainly a guideline to prevent horses ranked #20 from horses #1-14 entering. As Lewis said above, if you know that enough slots aren’t going to be used (non-entries, entering in another race, what-have-you), you’re welcome to enter your horse.

I did scratch the horses who weren’t on any list, though, not sure what was up with that.

Would it be easy to code Shanthi to let anyone nominated to ‘enter’ but on race day only the top 14 make the field?

Would save a lot of hassle.

It would be easy enough to code as far as eliminating the non-top 14 horses, it would be refunding entry fees and whatnot that would be a pain. I’ll consider the options for the rewrite version, though.

How about a button that shows up for the alternates at a certain point in time so the stable doesn’t pay entry fees until the button to enter shows up. Would that be easier to do? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about refunds.

That would be a lot harder to code, plus (I would think) way more confusing.

Well that’s too bad thought it might be an easier solution. I tried,lol.