Anyone near Santa Anita or Aqueduct?

I’m looking to get a short break into five mares (three at SA, two at Aqueduct) if any stables could help. Would be for three to four weeks maximum.  I can offer free board and lodgings in England as and when required in return  :slight_smile:

Right near Aqueduct, send them over. :wink:

Thank you  :slight_smile: One’s on the way, the second one runs Wednesday so I’ve set her up to start from Thursday.

I am right by Santa Anita. Set up the leases for RC Bee and we’ll take care of the rest, :slight_smile:

Thank you, that’s a great help.

I have a further two at Aqueduct that could do with a break if anyone can help. Boarding in England still available in return if required.

I’m in Aqueduct. Feel free to send 'em over.  :wink:

Thank you, you’re a star :slight_smile: