Anyone in Woodbine?

Hey all!!  My horse, Ghostly Legend needs a rest and is in Woodbine.  Would anyone be willing to take him for 6 months?  I can return the favor in Australia.  Thanks!!!

I’m up for it.

ok thanks ill set the lease up to you!! thanks again!!!  anytime one of your runners needs a rest in Australia be sure to let me know

I have another one, Doctor John, who needs 5 months.  Will return the favor in Australia.  Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m in NY Monica and can take him if you’d like.

i’m joining the bandwagon.  Alabama Slammer needs a rest in Woodbine anyone interested?  will return the favor in NY

I am at woodbine and will accept boards…

Thanks Zurg,
I set Alabama Slammer up for you for a rest.  I’ll take him back in March.  Thanks!!

no problem anytime!

Mintano, thanks for the great offer but it is silly for you to take him and have to ship him to NY.  I’d feel like I was wasting your money.  Zurg would you be interested in taking Doctor John for 5 months?  I’ll return the favor to both of you thanks so much!!!

No problem tonnes of room!  :stuck_out_tongue:

One more Woodbine plea!  Sorry guys.  I am located in NY and can board a horse here in exchange or another time.  My horse, Technicla Issue needs a 3 month rest.  Anyone interested?
Thank you

I can…lol :stuck_out_tongue: