Another question

Okay another dumb question from the newest newbie and that is about claiming races. My question is if a person puts a claim on a horse the horse automatically belongs to the person after the race correct? Is it possible for to claims to be put on one horse? And if there is no claim put on a horse it goes back to the original owner after the race? Thanks so much yall. Sorry.

So far as I know, everyone can put a claim on that horse. If you were the first one, you win that claim and are charged for the horse after it races. There’s no way to know if you’re the first or not though.
Theres something in the FAQ about claiming and weather the horse is worth it. Since your new, it might be helpful so that you don’t blow your money.

Yes I looked at that thankyou! So you will not be spending money on nothing if you place a claim?

Exactly. You only spend the money if you win the horse.

Okay Good! Thanks so much for your help.

Hmm… I thought claims were randomly assigned. So that if you put in the last/middle/first claim, you’d all have equal chances to get it. Have I been grossly misinformed?

Yes, unless I’m remembering wrong Shanthi has a program that randomly chooses the winning claimer.

Time of claim submission has no effect on its success. You can be the first or last person to submit the claim on a horse, but as long as you do it within the timeframe allowed, you all have equal chance of getting the horse.

Ah, I didn’t know that. I just figured first come first serve ^-^;
Sorry about that everyone :astonished:ops: