A possible bug?

I have just used the auto entries for the first time for my mare Undebatable. I have entered Honey Fox handicap. When i  came to the first screen for entries it showed no. of entries  = 0 but once she was entered it said no. of entries = 103, which seems unlikely. It may be of no significance at all, but just thought you might like to know

Shanthi, I found another bug.

Yesterday, I entered Flaming Silk to run on Saturday in Race 27 at Gulfstream. I noticed today that her workout report showed that she was limping so I scratched her from the race. I got confirmation back to say that she had been scratched and that my Entry fee had being refunded, however, when I checked my Budget, instead of the $2,500 being credited back to my account, another $2,500 had been taken from my account, so I am now out $5,000.

Shanthi, I don’t suppose that you’ve had a chance to look into this yet as it still hasn’t been fixed. Do you know if anybody else has had a similar problem or am I the only one who has had it?

I reported a similar problem to you back in October with Admiral’s Skies. On Sept 29th, I entered him in a race to be run on Oct 3rd at Woodbine. I sold him at auction on Oct 1st (forgetting that I had entered him in the race for Oct 3rd). On Oct 1st, I scratched from the Oct 3rd race, getting a message that my Entry Fee ($750) would be refunded to my account. I never did. At least, on that occasion, the system didn’t take another $750 from me.

Is it possible that the Entry Fee Refund for Admiral’s Skies went to the new owner of the horse (Pick up the Pace)? That would seem to make sense as that is who the owner of record was when the Refund would have been processed. That doesn’t, however, explain why, instead of refunding the Entry Fee for Flaming Silk ($2,500) to me last week (I still own her), it took another $2,500 from me.

When you get a chance to look into these for me, I’d be grateful. Thanks.


The bug for taking out extra $ has been fixed.

I will see if it went to me…I will look at my budget!

It would not have, the refund script looks by stable ID and budget info.  The reason it did not refund the entry fee is because he was sold already, so it was looking for the wrong stable ID.


On Tuesday, I put in a claim for Forever Halo in Race 29 on yesterday’s card. I got confirmation that the claim was submitted (and also got the Activity points for it), but when I checked this morning, the horse was still owned by Final Furlong and was obviously never claimed. I have previously reported the same problem on a couple of occasions where I have claimed a horse, not been successful, but, when I check the horses Sales History, it never changed owners.

BTW, if you look at the Activity Tracker,some of the Descriptions are incorrect. When I have submitted a claim for a horse, it shows up with a Blank Description, when I have actually bought a Horse, it shows up as “Submitted Claim”.

Race code was being really uncooperative last night, which is probably why claims didn’t run.

The activity points description thing is a known bug, and not likely to be fixed anytime soon.

Are you going to be able to run claims for last night at any time or not?

No, because they no longer exist in the database.  Like I said, the code was very unhappy last night.

The unhappy code still thinks that all the horses are going to travel back in time to 1/9 for their next race, too, and repeat it.  :wink:  Just something I noticed, not sure if it’s a big deal or not.

Scratch my previous answer…apparently the post-race update code never ran (even though it should have…sigh).  Now it has, and claims have been processed, and entries updated and such.

The code is going through a very hard withdrawal process and is very cranky and moody. Awh, poor code! D: We shall forever love you but never understand why you act the way you do!

On a side note…
Yes! First claim of the year woohoo!